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Create a living solution

For the fifth day in a row, you have switched on the air conditioner to make your living space tolerable in the heat of the summer. It is sweltering and the kids are getting cranky, and everyone's temper is short.

What can you do to escape this yearly dread? Well, there is nothing like the cool of beautiful floor tiles under your feet that retain the coolness of the night during the day (and feel warm to the touch if you install radiant heat beneath them for the colder months). How about a new window to cause cross ventilation for a better flow of air? It may be hot, but a gentle breeze sure feels great blowing over your sweaty skin.

There is always the option of a recreational or living space in the basement. Being below ground, the air is always just right and the floor being wondrously cool as well and invigorating under your feet. There is potential for a game room or a full video/television viewing area, all with the benefit of a tolerable and relaxing temperature.

Let's explore these options together and come up with solutions to meet your needs, all within a budget that you can manage. We help with design and material choices that assure a professional installation that you will enjoy for years to come. Contact us. Let us be creative with you to generate living solutions.

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