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Happy Holidays!

This has been a frightening, challenging, and daunting year for all of us. With the pandemic threat, many of us operated under a panic mode for the matter of survival and it still is not over. We enter the dark, dreary, and homebound days of winter, with the hope of spring. A vaccine has arrived here to immune us from the corona-virus, but we must cooperate, respect each other's space, practice social distancing, and wear a suitable mask until we have conquered this foe together and it has become safe. And then we can live fully again and thrive as the human race, in harmony.

Yes we can tout the blessings of a new kitchen, beautiful tile floors, a redone and modernized bathroom, a spread of new shelves, counters, and drawers, but what are all these things if you do not have life itself? We hope you consider our professional abilities to produce these improvements for you when the time comes. We can assure you will be treated with respect and find our installations of the highest quality you can find anywhere.

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves during these Holidays. Spend time with your immediate family. Share some tasty food. Enjoy the fact that you have each other, a warm and comfortable home, and the love that you share. It is time for that. You and your family, please be well! We will see you in the New Year when the focus will be the future.

Best Wishes, Knox Home Remodeling!

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