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With this pandemic holding and controlling every part of our lives and lifestyle, it's starting to test our resolve and humanity. The kids are milling in and are constantly trying to cope with this new reality, learning remotely, and painfully experiencing the limitations of social interaction.

Despite this atmosphere, fall has arrived and before long the Holidays. The constant parade of kids never ceases. They are restless and with it the leaves, the debris, hunger pains. Crumbs, snack pieces, and split juice and milk are commonplace. And of course, there is the bathroom in continual use and the second place for dirt, debris, and whatever to build up.

So maybe it is time for a new floor to ease the burden of keeping it clean. Space-age materials, and an array of colors, and made to take the punishment. The installation can make the room inviting, light, and attractive, but able to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The same goes for the bathroom. It doesn't have to stay dark and dingy. Why not airy, light, or colorful? And maybe it is the time to take a look at those counters, drawers, and cabinets, too. It may just be the right time. Give us a call. We can get you to where you want to go.

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